Fraud investigator

We sat in the kitchen, hushed for a while
I felt like a criminal with a guilty smile.
I looked at her and saw no emotion in her eyes.
She seemed to be searching mine for lies.

A strange woman parked in our living room,
Come to perish our world in doom.
Without invitation, she sat under the weight of her hair
Investigated mom and dad, made me feel sick from her stare.

She twisted every word into something wrong
It was killing my mom, just trying to stay strong.
There the woman sat in her counterfeit greatness,
when I looked at my dad, he was aged with sadness.

Connor so young only asked why,
doing the dishes, I tried not to cry.
Dad trying to play it cool,
Mom trying to not be unnerved by the rule.

Now I realise our world can be ripped apart.
I wonder how this woman lives with a stone cold heart
Still, I know lying keeps us alive
In this game of fear we have to survive.

Right now our livelihood hangs on a thread,
my heart’s in my mouth, heart pumping with dread.
Living is everything this is about,
what happens if we get found out?



Hold me close, draw me near
Let me cry my unending tear.
Whisper malicious words,
ridicule me for being insane
cradle me in my pain.
Mess with my head,
send me night’s worst dream
laugh at me while I scream.
Stay with me, by my friend
bring me my bloody end.
Take me into your wrath
Let me anguish free.
I’m the patron saint of misery.

In this life

I lie, I cry, I breathe, I die
but in this life, who am I?
The girl with the broken smile
who’s cried in the rain for half a mile.

I laugh, I cheat, I share, I sneer
but in this life, who am I?
A child that’s lived a life forlorn
who would like to die before the morn.

I try, I fail, I fall of the rail
but in this life, who am I?
A lonely girl who wants to love,
who believe’s the future’s in the stars above.

I shout, I scream, I sleep, I dream,
but in the life, who am I?
Another young lady trying to forget her past,
another young girl trying to make the future last.

Trying to learn all I’ve been told,
’cause in this world time is gold
I’m just another existence trying to survive
’cause in this life I am alive.

You’re intelligent and funny
you give me this sensation in my tummy.
I’m uncovering your magic ever so slowly
Wandering if you know I’ll never leave you lonely.

My only one, my hope and my strength
to see you happy I’ll go to any length.
My softness, sensitivity and every fear,
if you ever need someone, I’m always here.

Just like the snow, of wishes come true
I can’t help but wonder why I’m not with you
Under the stars with you I lay
But you’re loving arms are missions away.

I’d give anything to kiss your lips,
to hold and to hug you with your hands on my hips
Just wanna run to you, don’t let me go
need your smile when I’m high and need your love when I’m low.

Times in my life when I see the lies and the dark
the mystery that’s you makes the sweetest remark,
the only thing I see, you are my light.
When things are so wrong, you make everything alright.

Thinking of you suddenly makes me okay,
somehow I’ll show you that you’re my night and my day.
You mean so much to me and in these words I can’t say
I just want you to be mine one day.

The thought of you hurt makes me want to cry
to nurture you with love, I’d give all my time to go by,
You’re handsome and strong, you fill me with joy.
It’s you and you along I want to call my boy.

I waited up for you, all last night
with legs crossed, holding teddy tight.
Tears poured, my heart was sore
Your abandoning footprints across the floor.

Another stranger who I call mister,
carrying my starving little sister.
His love came from the wait below
his fist is the only face I know.

Tending fields of rice I am stuck,
returning home I’m forced to fuck.
If I’m not pleasure enough, my body is beat
My stomach screeches to find something to eat.

Mamma, why did you leave after the raids?
The only memory I have of you is aids.
These days I’m quick to tire
my back is scorched by the sun’s fire.

I lie my body under many men,
being implored time and time again.
I’ve lost lives, in fact I’ve lost three –
the mother of those lives was me.

I pray to God this illness take me,
I’ve heard his angels are blessed with purity.
Maybe, Mamma, we can be reunited there
Me, you and my teddy bear.

My first poem about sex

The play fighting fist that always misses
the “I love you really” flirtatious disses
The secret notes passed under the table,
Please help me, my heart’s unstable.

Slutty words on your lips
Wandering hands on my hips
An excitable few seconds of heated passion,
“Your body’s fit” uttered in a secretive fashion.

That knowing sparkle in your eye,
that sensuous smile that makes my heart die,
The rare moments you hold onto me,
Oh I could just melt into your body.

I’m weak and you carry my on your shoulder,
I’m my own worst enemy and you’re my only soldier.
These secrets that nobody else ever knows
you ride with my always, through my highs and my lows.

Breathless kisses on my neck,
boy you put me in an orgasmic wreck.
Suggestive whispers I’ll never forget,
this is a night I’ll never regret

Morning skies envy the charm that is yours
when you’re alongside me the rain never pours.
With astonishing elegance, the stars brightly shine
sharing our fantasies, making you mine.

Mars – he commands and his victim does blush
Venus – her heart’s swept away by a rush
This time unstung by fate’s fatal menace
She is an angel that blind cupid blesses.

Hurt is healed by a spirit kindred
he stands dishevelled, somewhat bewildered
hurt bows down – accepts defeat,
cowers away, as by love he is beat.

The love you give is my Achilles’s heal
I thought I was invincible, that my heart could seal.
Upon my heel lives a heart shaped soar,
You, my love, fell from a shooting star.